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Genuine MACUSHIELD with the longest-use-by date from a reputable source.

MACUSHIELD™ with Meso-Z is a patented supplement containing Meso-Zeaxanthin (Meso-Z) for eye health researched by Dr. Richard Bone and Dr. John Landrum, professors of the Departments of Physics and Biochemistry respectively, at Florida International University.

Bone and Landrum have been investigating the macular pigment and its involvement with the disease Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) for over two decades. Bone and Landrum have demonstrated that the macular pigment is composed of the three carotenoids; Lutein (L), Zeaxanthin (Z), and Meso-Zeaxanthin (Meso-Z). These carotenoids protect the macula because of their antioxidant and blue light filtering properties.

In 2004 the LAST Study (Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial) showed that 10mg of L taken orally augmented macula pigment and improved the vision of patients with macular degeneration. However, research in 2006 indicates that Meso-Z may be more important than L in protecting against macular degeneration. Bone and Landrum conducted autopsy research on donor eyes with AMD and found Meso-Z to be the most depleted of the three macular carotenoids in patients with AMD.

Meso-Z is found only in the central macula where it is the dominant carotenoid of the three. It is the most powerful antioxidant and facilitates a wider range of blue light filtration. Meso-Z is anatomically closer to macula photoreceptors than either L or Z and is therefore ideally located to protect against free radical damage.

Unlike L which is present in spinach and other green vegetables, and Z which is the yellow pigment found in corn, Meso-Z is not found in a typical diet. Meso-Z is made in people’s bodies from L but it has been suggested that some individuals may lack the converting enzyme.

Scientific research, ongoing at the Macular Pigment Research Centre, in Waterford, Ireland, the largest research centre in Europe, shows that people taking a supplement of Meso-Z have re-pigmented by up to 40% in 140 days. For more research click here.

Scientists believe that people who have a high intake of L and Z (from either diet or dietary supplements) plus take supplemental Meso-Z will have a very low incidence of macular degeneration.