Mira 1 day contact lenses are solely for patients of Crystal Optometry in Edinburgh. If you haven't tried them, ask your optometrist about them. They are truly innovative because there's no finger contact on the inside of the contact lens. Shipping is FREE and delivery is 7-10 DAYS.

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Available exclusively to patients of Crystal Optometry.

Introducing Miru 1 day, the revolutionary new daily contact lenses from Japan with its ground-breaking packaging. Miru have solved the annoying problem of contact lenses being inside-out when opened. Just peel open the unique flat pack and the lens is born - the right way up every time. Perfect for busy people when time is short in the morning. The slim packaging is great for travelling.

The 1mm breakthrough, 1-day contact lens.

Miru's 1mm flat pack isn't just slim. It also opens easily and presents the lens with the outer surface facing up. So there's no fumbling about and most importantly there's no finger contact on the inside of the contact lens which means its less likely bacteria could get transferred onto the surface of your eye.

All day hydration and comfort.

Miru 1 day contact lenses are made from Hioxifilcon A which bonds readily with water and resists drying for all-day hydration and comfort. Miru's unique edge design reduces friction between your eyelid and the edge of the lens when you blink. This makes them very comfortable.