M1 Evolution Ophthalmic Cleaning Cloth


The most expensive and technologically advanced cleaning wipe avaiable for ophthalmic lenses, smart phones, tablets, laptops and other high value display screens

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Here is the most technologically advanced cleaning wipe available for ophthalmic lenses, SmartPhones, tablets, laptops and other high value display screens. This technology is very difficult to obtain. M1Evolution® is usually reserved for professional use and has a 5 year life. Cleaning cloths dispensed with new glasses are of lower specification and quality. Residual smears on spectacle lenses cause loss of colour clarity and reduced black contrast making reading print more difficult. No doubt you paid dearly for high quality spectacle lenses - so to get them best visual experience from them the lens surfaces must be free from grease. Even high quality microfibre cloths can't match the wipe technology of M1Evolution® ....

What's so special about it

M1Evolution® cloth is manufactured in Italy from an ultrafine microfibre yarn of 0.1 denier ( a lady's nylon stocking is typically 20-30 denier). This fabric can only be made with high technology. Around a nylon filament core are wedge-shaped polyester parts which adapt to contact every surface in a perfect wipe without abrasion. During manufacture, the M1Evolution® material is made to shrink using technology that makes fabric construction highly dense by increasing its filament surface area. As a result one gram of M1Evolution® has a filament surface area of 25.7cm2 while competitive products have only 8.5 to 14.0cm2. The larger this area, the more efficient a wiping cloth captures dust particles. Normally, synthetic fibres do not absorb water but the M1Evolution® highly dense construction of tightly packed fibres has strong capillary effects, which sucks and holds water better than chamois. The fabric only begins to degrade after 100 machine washes. The result is a noticeably superior cleaning cloth capturing dust, oil and water without damaging anti-reflection coated surfaces. Superb for ophthalmic eyeglass lenses and laptop LCD screens, it is essential kit for the optical professional. In fact optometrists use them to clean the lenses of their super expensive OCT diagnostic scanners! Two sizes available:

MAXI SIZE 40x40cm packaged in a polythene sleeve £25.70

POCKET - one quarter the size - in silver pouch (not shown) £15.30