Transparent colour overlay sheets for reading to improve concentration, reading speed , fluency and comprehension in cases of visual stress

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A coloured overlay is a semi-transparent plastic sheet to be placed over text based materials. Each overlay has a specific tint colour which can improve concentration, reading speed, fluency and comprehension in cases of visual stress.

To determine whether you would benefit from using a coloured overlay and which tint colour is needed, our resident optometrist Dorothy Crystal uses the City University Coloured Overlay Test in her Edinburgh clinic.

Please note there are fake coloured overlays on the market of dubious quality and benefit.

For this reason Crystal Optometry provide only Institute of Optometry coloured overlays. The Institute of Optometry Colour overlays are scientifically designed to sample human colour space. Each of the nine colours available are equidistant from white. This means that they have equal saturations.

The smaller coloured overlay size of A5 is easier for young hands. This is half the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Its a good idea to have a few spares but not multi-packs - the overlay colour required can change in future.