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Crystal Optometry is committed to the NHS and will continue to accept applications for eye examinations from NHS patients. We are clinically orientated and our priority is identifying the cause of the problem using our fabulous technology and explaining it to you properly. To aid diagnosis, we use OCT scans and anterior segment photography for which there is a small charge of £25 - £45 depending on your age and NHS entitlement.

Some patients come to us for a second opinion, or for treatments not widely available or for contact lenses, which are not NHS funded. In these cases our private fee is £65 - £100.

Otherwise NHS funding is available to all patients in Scotland but there are strict time restrictions between full eye examinations which are

- 24 months for those aged between 16 and 60

- 12 months for everyone else including adults with diabetes, ocular hypertension, glaucoma or a family history of glaucoma.

This means patients who want a more frequent examination will need to finance the upgrade privately. To circumvent these restrictions, we offer EyePlan - a monthly subscription that allows unrestrictive care and favourable reductions in all costs for £13.90 / month.

Please ensure you have enough time for your appointment :

30 minute eye exam for short contact lens check-ups and follow ups

60 minute eye exam for full eye exams and detailed assessments

Appointment Checklist

  • Please bring along your current spectacles and prescription sunglasses, if you use them.
  • If you are taking prescription medicines it is important to bring along details.
  • Contact lens wearers should wear their lenses to the appointment and bring also their spectacles.
  • For the over 60's our optometrists use dilating drops. If you need to drive, make sure you have your driving glasses (if you wear them) and consider using sunglasses to make you more comfortable.