Our practice is closed until Tuesday 21st March for essential maitenance

A few things you should know

Crystal Optometry's website provides information of what to expect for prospective new patients and, as a service for existing patients, to allow convenient home re-ordering of contact lenses which, we have prescribed and fitted ourselves.

If you are thinking of attending the practice for excellent clinical care but intend buying your contact lenses elsewhere please be advised we sincerely believe you should be examined and supplied in one place. Your optical prescription is your right to have but we are not responsible for problems arising from contact lenses ( or spectacles ) externally supplied and we do not wish to spend any valuable clinical time sorting your unnecessary medical side effects. Contact lenses in particular, are made from different materials and when mounted on the eyes surface, have different bio-medical and optical effects.

We present our contact lens prices to demonstrate our extremely low charges. If these are still not low enough - please attend your lower cost provider for your clinical needs as we do not wish to cut corners.



The terms of business and contracts entered into between Crystal Optometry ( registered as Eyecare Plus Ltd ) and the patient are set out below and are the basis of all transactions.

The total cost to you and the provision and dispensing by Eyecare Plus Ltd of your spectacles and / or contact lenses, comprises

1. A contract and charge for Professional Fees and services and

2. A separate contract and charge for goods.

The total cost is made up as follows - Cost of spectacles and contact lenses (goods) at 41% of the total cost - Professional fees (services) at 59% of the total cost. Value added tax (VAT) is payable on the goods at the rate of 20%. The services are exempt from VAT. A fully itemised breakdown will be sent and is shown on your receipt as declared to HMRC. Price includes contact lens checks.


By ordering contact lens from Crystal Optometry's website you agree that 

1. You are are not changing the type of contact you were prescribed and you wear them successfully.

2.  You have had your eyes examined and contact lenses checked within the last 12 months

3.  The prescription you are ordering is a repeat prescription and unaltered by you.

4.  You consent to this information being verified.


The information here is medically accurate but may not be appropriate for you because different conditions can produce similar symptoms and because more than one disease can co-exist. Self treatment is not recommended - for example Tea Tree Oil for demodex is highly toxic to the eye causing chemical burn. The content is designed to be informative as a general description of the services offered.


If you change your mind within 14 days of receiving the goods and return them un-damaged within 28 days, we will refund you once we receive the goods back.