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eyeplan is an innovative optical program which radically improves the quality of care and value for money that you receive from your optometrist.

In fact, under the eyeplan program, the typical patient will receive professional eye care without any consultation charges, whenever required, cheaper spectacles and contact lenses for less than the cost of a single pair of spectacles in the 'traditional' regime.

And if you elect to buy additional pairs, you will enjoy those highly significant savings on each and every set of glasses - there is no restriction - spare pairs and prescription sunglasses are all covered.

How does eyeplan help the quality of treatment I receive?

All optometrists work hard to look after their patients in a caring and professional manner. However, until now financial constraints have limited the amount of time they can afford to spend with each patient. With Eyeplan the assurance of a small but regular income enables them to spend more time with their Eyeplan patients.

In return for a small monthly fee, membership of the eyeplan program assures you of a range of valuable benefits, including:

  • more time, whenever required, in professional consultation with your optometrist

  • no future consultation fees

  • advanced eye care medical imaging

  • permanent big reductions on current price levels for spectacles and contact lenses 

  • additional pairs of spectacles and contact lenses allowed with the same big reductions

  • reduced repair costs for damaged spectacles


How does eyeplan work with NHS examinations?

Eyeplan extends the scope of NHS examinations by including digital imaging and contact lens related tests, if required. The period of re-examination is not time limited as with NHS entitlement and the number of supplementary examinations is unlimited.

In fact eyeplan is set to make an important contribution to the visual health of you, your family and the nation as a whole.


How much does eyeplancost?

The precise cost of being a member of the Eyeplan program is dependent on the condition of your eyes as determined by participating optometrists. However, the scheme has been designed to save patients money and enhance the quality of care they receive, so you are likely to be surprised how little it costs ( most patients are £13.90 / month )

How much does eyeplan How are my eyeplanpayments made?

Payments are made by a monthly Direct Debit to Eyeplan. You are registered under Eyeplan as soon as your first payment has been made and benefits begin at this point.

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